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HHIC (Hendra Hidayat Implant Center)
The one-stop specialists clinic, has been dealing with so many cases, from simple to very rare ones. The team in HHIC consists of dentists and specialists who are rarely very skillful and have been serving patients from all over the world, giving the best solutions for their dental problems. HHIC has been established for over 50 years and has been the ultimate answer for dental health for thousands of people worldwide.

Hendra Hidayat Implant Center has been awarded the 2014 Customer Service Award from

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Contact us:
Sahid Sudirman Residence 1st Fl Unit 1.
Jl.Jend Sudirman kav 86, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.
Phone: (021) 52970102-04
Open: Mon-Sat (10:00-18:00)