dr. HendraDrg. Hendra Hidayat, Sp. BM and his team were the founder of Hendra Hidayat Implant Center (HHIC) – the specialists clinic, HHDC Clinic – the one-stop affordable clinic, and Indonesian Dental Training Center (IDTC) – which is dedicated for professional dentists’ advancement.

Drg. Hendra Hidayat, Sp. BM is an award-winning dental surgeon, and was one of the first oral surgeons in Indonesia. His unselfish hands have been helping thousands of patients from around the world with common to very rare tooth and mouth conditions to get healed completely.

He is also a very influential person in Indonesian dental education and has been making doctors in Indonesia and worldwide excel in their practices. Along with Hendra Hidayat Implant Center, the specialist dental clinic, he and his team also built HHDC Clinic as a contribution to people who want complete and thorough solutions for their teeth problems with affordable price.